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Window Displays, Ideas And Designs – Boost Your Store Sales With Creative Window Solutions

Creative and attractive window designs will help you bring in new and existing customers in your store. With appropriate store window design you will increase customer flow, display your products, highlight new offers and create bold brand image.
In order to get benefit of your window display, you should define first your customers and your brand story. With this in mind, you should create specific and clear image in your window that will speak loud for your brand and products.

Most important tips and ideas for window display

If you are a small retailer, it is of great importance to show clearly your products in the window. Sure you should be creative in displaying, but by showing what you have inside you will target the right customers. This doesn’t mean that you should fill your window to its maximum.

Showcasing to many products in your window will devalue your products in the customers eye. Emphasizing one or few products in a time on your window display makes the effect of a special product, a masterpiece.

Always think forward to create an innovative window design that will detach you from your competitors. Unexpected display is the winning in todays retail world full of aggressive campaigns. You should surprise the passers and grab their attention, make them explore more about you and use it to extend the reach of your content through social media sharing.

Share a good thought! Even most common phrases and quotes when shared personally in public as a marketing tool have great impact on customers and create a special kind of connection with the brand.

More practical tips about your window design

Lighting of the window is a crucial momentum, not only for the effect at night. Proper light will create optimal constant brightness in the store window and negative shadows and dark spots will be avoided. Its good that the light in the window is adaptable and movable so you could adapt it and use for different window designs and visual merchandising.

For being flexible through the time and make it possible for you to be creative and frequently change your window display designs, produce a sub-construction on the window floor and ceiling. Define spots where you can place, hang or screw different kind of display designs or decoration for a maximizing the experience.

Use color as a key component in your window design and visual merchandising. By properly use of a color you impact your customer behavior and define a distinct mood starting from the window and continue through your store. Have in mind your brand story when choosing colors.
You can use color in your window more freely and brave if you are ready to change it frequently. In this case you can present different surprising approach by using colors to draw attention.

Remind your customers about the holidays and seasons to increase the sales

Combine your permanent window displays with seasonal or holiday decorations to increase foot traffic and sales.

Creativeness and changeability of your store window design is something that will work for your sales the best. This doesn’t mean the window display have to cost a lot. Its always good to think about:

-minimal approaches that make the effect with less materials
-use of cheap materials that doesn’t last long because you wont need them to the eternity
-re-use decorations by combining them in different compositions or changing their color

And the most important rule, never forget who do you speak to, through your window.

Retail Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture Services