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Visual Merchandising Is Your Tool To Motivate The Customer Toward Making Purchase

Visual Merchandising has a purpose to attract, engage and motivate customers and turn them in a mood for purchasing. Its goal is to display your products and services to highlight their qualities and benefits.

Visual Merchandising is very intelligent tool and it has different approaches

  • visually displaying of products
  • navigating traffic pattern in the store
  • appropriate signage
  • call to action promotions
  • social media integration

Important tips you have to learn about Visual Merchandising

Brand Story. If defining your brand story is an essential part for creating an image of your brand and interior of your store, Visual Merchandising is the way you finally display your product and create a proper mood and experience in your store.

Navigate customers and their purchase habits. By designing appropriate layout concept of your store and correct display design and product placement you will have the power to provoke and boost customers purchase habits.

1 Floor Layout concept

Creating a good and appropriate store layout means that you will define a space in which customers will move freely and with a clear idea where to move and shop without taking their eyes off the products. This kind of layout should provide space where you would display your products on a way that promises the best chance for a sale.

Store layout means how your display fixtures are placed throgh the space enabling best display of the products and perfect traffic flow through the whole space.

2 Merchandise Displays

After your layout is defined, next step is choosing the right merchandise displays fixtures where you will place your products. Properly displayed products make customers pick up extra purchase on the way and make them easy t find what they want.

Visual Merchandising secrets that you need to know:

1. Place the most wanted products at the back of your store. You know your customers well, and you know mainly why they came. By placing the most common products at the back, you will force customers to walk through the store and get amazed by your well displayed products.

2. Place seasonal products at the front of the store. You have to plan front display fixtures that will allow you to be flexible and easy change displayed products. Even if you do not have seasonal products, use this front displays to place high margin items and provoke impulse buys.

3. Customers always turn right when they enter your store. This is good ti know, so you can plan and tell your story and engage the customers properly. Use this right front zone of your store and its power to present your best buys, your collection selected products and ready to buy combinations. Also have in mind that this zone is at the same time area where you should speak loud about your brand statement.

4. Ready to buy merchandise displays. You know your products and collections the best. Help your customers and boost their purchase by displaying winning style combination. Present them how they can combine different products of your offer and they will be grateful and spend more. Depending on what kind of products you have use mannequins or customized display furniture to present your offer as a ready to buy combination.

 5. Do not underestimate the signage. Retailers usually forget about the power of signage and this part of the merchandising has a great impact on the purchase quality and quantity. From simple direction signage that make customers feel comfortable to Call To Action images that will show how the purchase will change them or their life, you will be surprised how the signage will change the customers habits and how much they stay at your store.

There is no exception, all types of retail business benefit from effective Visual Merchandising. Use these knowledge to catch the passers eye, inform about your products, present their top features and increase your sales.

Retail Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture Services