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Retail Store Signage-simple Rules To Make The Signage Powerful Retail Tool

The art of Signage in boosting your sales

Signage is not about way-finding or displaying prices, but it is opportunity to communicate with potential customers about your story and your products. You should define a style for permanent and temporary signage design to keep consistence in your self presentation. We outline for you the commonly used signage types in order for you to understand their potential benefits.

Use simple but powerful signage in your retail store, your message should be short and clear

Outdoor Signage has a purpose to make awareness of your presence and make people interested enough to come inside.

Indoor focused Signage give information of the organization of the store and make clear image of the space for the customer.

Convincing Signage are signs with “call to action” that are defined for purchase drive.

Information Signage provide basic informations about way-finding, these are simple but important for overall pleasant experience.

Combine the branding with “call to action” images on your display furniture

Interior designers use different approaches in representing all these types of signage, emphasizing their effect. You can avoid using common sign approach in order to get out of the box with your store design by implementing the signage on the floor, walls, windows or ceiling. This could be great way to help customers orient, to drive traffic and to place the focus on specific areas of your shop.

What is also important for you, good signage is replacing a salesperson in some cases.

Use signage as a powerful tool in your storytelling

Be creative in your information signage, it would become your recognizable style

In todays life images are what the world is communicating with, that is why in the design of your retail store, art murals are a communicating medium. You can use big arts in your retail store design to send sublime and storytelling message to your customers. Retail designers use them on walls, ceilings, floors or other surfaces in the store interior. Its a great visual statement and gives strong dimension of the character of your brand.

Use unexpected styles of indoor retail store signage to empower the story of your brand

Off-location signage

Signage is effective tool also in off-location use. You create a brand image outside of your store and it is usually more cheaper than any other advertisement.

When using any kind of signage for your retail store, you have to consider these advices:

Be original and specific. Use the logic of narrowcasting instead of trying to target wide audience. Define your target customers, their values and preferences and talk to them with your signage

Use the logic of narrowcasting and support your product showcasing with powerful big style images

Your message should be clear. Define your message in less words to keep to the five-second rule. Remember the Einstein quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Signage as a call to action. Signage can be an advertisement, so set a simple goal and make the signage a real call to action.

Retail Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture Services