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Lighting In Retail Design – The Power Of The Light For Your Retail Store

Lighting guide customers through the store and drive the sales

Lighting is a crucial point in achieving the final effect of a store. Light makes the overall ambience, but also it has a power to impact your sales and customer experience. Here some important points for a lighting strategy for your store and your products.

Customized lighting should follow your overall store design and support your storytelling

Creating appropriate ambience

Light is one of the tools for creating the overall mood of the retail experience in your store. How people feel when they enter your shop affects what impression they will have about your brand and products.

By combining the ambient, accent, general and integrated lighting you will create powerful image in your retail store

Warm light make people feel comfortable, while cold light presents the products better. By combining this two trough the space you are able to control the path and the focus of the customers.

Other way to use the light as a design feature is choosing right light fixtures and chandeliers, in order to reflect your brand identity and style.

Have in mind this tips when choosing lighting for your store

If you have a small store, you should use cool white lighting in order to make the store visually bigger. If you have a bigger store, you can play with different lighting zones:
Each store space is unique and one cannot set a single lighting formula for a store design, but if you follow this simple tips, you could achieve the final goal.

When planning the lighting in your retail store avoid dark zones, not only products, but the whole floor should be covered with light

Have in mind this 4 types of lighting for your retail store and your store design will reach higher level of communication with your customers.

Ambient lighting is more about a style and a storytelling. With choosing eye-catching light fixtures you define the mood you want your clients to feel, or you emphasize certain zone of the shop, a landing table or some products.

Accent lighting or spotlight is very common for accenting the products. Luxury brands use this to highlight the product as an entity.

General lighting is very important in order to avoid dark zones in your store.

Integrated lighting has great effect on customer decision. By integrating lights in your customized furniture, your store look gets more richness and your products are presented as a masterpiece.

Integrated lighting has great effect on customer decision

Lighting can also be used to tell a story

Consumers nowadays care not only about price and functionality, they need experience to move them. Storytelling takes attention of the contemporary customers. You should use lighting as a power-full tool to maximize the effect of your retail store interior.

Highlight your product as a masterpiece with accent lighting

Lighting has a great impact on the whole retail experience, from brand recognition to product perception. This is why you should consider lighting as very important tool in retail store design.

Retail Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture Services