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Hairdresser Shop Design

The Basics Of Hair Stylist Shop Design

This is a guideline for any hair-salon design: place organizing and furnishings set up, an effective illustration with typical layout.

The hair salon design needs specialized and group aspects which make the actual project a genuine task.

Honestly, that is the reason why you need to take into account design principles but additionally to consider the appropriate marketing processes to accomplish efficient alternatives when it comes to furniture as well as space set up.

A few essential elements to think about to properly design the hair salon tend to be:

  • interior room preparation
  • furniture set up

Hair salon design: interior space set up

Interior areas set up will be essential preparing your hair salon and can call for that particular rules and requirements are fulfilled, particularly with regards to plant set up systems – hydraulic plus electrical. Actually a proper organizing must assure customer’s convenience along with assisting work routines.

Any hair salon could be broken into three primary areas:

  1. entry — reception / cash table / hanging around region
  2. workshop — hair wash / cut/ hair styling
  3. services – wc / salon storage space


Space must be arranged so that you can support the actual reception space, the money desk and also the waiting space. Often the cashier place must also be created and arranged for showing and marketing hair merchandise along with appropriate racks. normally, this is achieved by placing shelf focused on displaying the merchandise to it. Waiting space is an extremely essential area which results in image of your entire hair salon.

Work space

Hair washing

When making this place, you need to take into account a minimum of Two specific furniture pieces referred to as back-washing and, in the event, some sort of platform or perhaps a elevated portion, that allows for personnel function. Furniture must be finished with shelves for keeping different items, for example shampoos, creams, equipment and towels.

Lighting can also be essential for helping the job from the employees: a perfect option would be some sort of spot light system.

Cutting hair place

This place may be the core of your hair salon, in which the hairdresser showcases his or her abilities and also the customer checks the end result in the mirrors. This is why when making this place, attention needs to be paid towards the electric set up process. Immediate lighting must be eliminated and also you need to instead choose a diffused lights, that will not generate uncomfortable dark areas.

This place should really be supplied with a minimum of 3/4 hair styling chairs so that as numerous mirrors along with furnishings:

  • walls -mounted furnishings (suggested for smaller sized conditions)
  • island models (intended for large conditions and much more sophisticated and stylish clients).

This place may also be used for supporting things to do for example hair experts, cosmetologist, nails, and so on


This is definitely an area that needs to be mandatory offered within a general public area. Sizes rely on the volume of individuals who could be present simultaneously inside the hair salon through state regulating specifications. It must be available from inside along with a washing center must also be given.

Supplementary areas

The supplementary areas are settings utilized to keep work equipment and tools, treatment method items, washing equipment, and so on This really is measured also based on operating requirements and in regard on the different state and local prerequisites.

Hair salon furnishings

Furniture has a vital role which is the component which much better signifies the type and elegance of your owner plus hairdressers. Additionally , it really is based on dealing with a particular target client and also to assure safety and convenience.

  • Decorating components really should be split based on the operational places.
  • Waiting space: waiting seat, waiting sofa and coffee desk

Clients that are waiting around their own turn, need to be “taken care of” with unique proper care. Which means that furniture should be made not just to fit the perception of the entire location but additionally that chairs should ensure a feeling of comfort and ease. Furthermore, you need to locate room for any smaller coffee desk for beverages and magazines and catalogs.

Money table / front desk / table and exhibit corner

The money table area is usually to be thought of not just a place for transactions, but in addition for reception. Furniture must as a result be selected in in an attempt to create a great effect on the client as well as motivate buying. This is why it really is helpful to offer the table or exhibit racks and also the appropriate emphasize lights to attract your customer’s focus on the hair salon showcase.

Washing areas with racks

It’s an incredibly practical area, because of this, it must be very organized and it’s also essential to set up hair washing furnishings and racks for treatment plan items as well as towels allowing smooth routines and moves.
Work space (hair styling station space): wall structure or perhaps island furnishings, mirror and also chairs

An additional practical area that is representative of your identity of your area and improves the appearance. The furniture will be organized to assist personnel operating without having limitations. Lights may improve each and every step of the client process (particularly in existence of decorative mirrors) as well as day-to-day duties.

Retail Design, Interior Design, Commercial Architecture Services

Get Free 30-Minute Consultation And Take Your Design To The Next Level Right Now >>