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Commercial Retail Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Trade Show Design… That Sells And Delivers Results

Confidential Checklist On Commercial Architecture & Design: What To Do, How To Do It And What To Avoid PLUS Real Life Confession From An Underdog

Take It Straight To The Bank: The Art Of Converting Commercial Spaces Into Profits

Revealed on this page:

  • The Most Common Mistakes Made By Business Owners In Commercial Interior Design Projects In New And Existing Locations
  • Why This System Works For Every Business As Well As Each And Every Architect!
  • Frank’s Promise From Last Month Delivered PLUS More
  • Frank Connects You With The Best Of The Best And Takes You Straight To His Source Revealing His Real Success Story You Can Replicate Today!

From the desk of Frank Schulz The Underdog

Founder of My Retail Design & Retired Commercial Design Expert

Saturday May 8, 2021, Miami FL

Urgent: For Immediate Release To Our Community

Subject: My Last Month’s Promise Delivered – Eli and Emil confirmed the support of our community!


Dear Friend,

Since I retired from business and started this site each and every month I bring you the best from our industry to help you. However this month is really special for me because this is very personal for me.

  • If you are my follower and subscriber welcome back because I have some pretty exciting news for you today: I am keeping the promise I made last month!
  • If you are first time here, I am not sure how you reach this site – maybe you watched the documentary, read about it in a magazine or it’s just pure luck for you today to get here.

It doesn’t matter because those who know me they know I’ve been sharing information with the world for a while and saved business owners ton of money and made them even more. I also in addition helped so many architects and designers who struggled to find the right partners and sources for their business…

If you are a business owner who struggles to figure out how to approach your architecture / design project – if you develop new business location or simply you try to build on an existing one by remodeling or whatever….. or if you are architect involved into commercial design I have some exciting news for you! You are about to read the information you were hoping to find plus even more because today I decided to share all with you…

You Better Read Every Single Word On This Page Because It’s All Money Making Information For You

As I woke up this morning I decided to unleash today and tell you my secret – everything that made my success and as you’ll see it’s simple if I can do it – you can do it – everything is possible when you work with the right people.

I did it not because I am smart or anything – it’s because of 2 major reasons:
  1. I have mileage in the industry (I’ve done it over and over again literally thousands of projects), and
  2. I’ve been blessed to work with our industry’s finest people – decent, smart and craftsmen people who know what they are doing and who are not in this for the money alone (more on this later!).

They not only changed my business life and made me successful, but they also made me a better man on a personal level.

It’s Not Who You Know – It’s Who You Work With

If you are a business owner looking for the right people to work with on your commercial interior design architecture project or you are architect who works on these kinds of projects, well this page is a gold mine for you this month.

What am I about to reveal on this page is what I used to hide back in the day before I retired because I considered this to be my best kept secret. And it really was at the time because this exact approach made me very successful.

I am about to introduce you to some incredible people who by pure luck happened to transform my life years ago. I’ll tell you briefly my story, so you can just like me, benefit from these incredible people as well as the advice I give on this page.

Today, I’ll Tell You My Honest Take On:
  • Where businesses go wrong in 9 out of 10 commercial design and retail design projects
  • What you should look for in the people you hire for your project
  • What you should expect: the checklist of steps that need to be done in a very specific way to ensure your commercial design project will actually be a real commercial success

All these very important factors have a simple purpose: to minimize your risk and save you a ton of time and money while maximizing the return on your investment.

Warning: Be Cautious When Working With Artists

Working with the majority of designers and architects can be very dangerous if you don’t keep your goal straight. You can get carried away by how things can be made cool and forget that this is a commercial project. Remember that “Cool” by itself will rarely bring you any profits.

Isn’t Profit Our Goal In Commercial Architecture And Design Projects?

Let’s keep our heads clear here about what we are trying to accomplish…

Whether your project is a commercial success is only based on how profitable the project is. The only relevant metric is the return on your investment, period! This is true regardless of whether you are a business looking to develop new or remodel existing commercial space or property or you are an architect developing commercial projects for clients.

It’s always the same purpose and the same metric.

So if you are into the same commercial mindset like I am (I strongly believe so because you are still reading) – you are really lucky that you arrived on this page today!

Make sure you read each and every word on this page because it’s all about you!

Warning: The Danger Of Working With A Bozo!

It’s very naïve and immature to hope to achieve commercial success by just working with anybody.

I’ve worked with many architects and interior designers over the years hoping that somehow the next one will be a success for me. However, it just didn’t happen.

The main problem that you and I in this business face is that architects and designers are creative people who have absolutely no experience in business (with very few exceptions) and the only thing they can sell you on is how cool their ideas are and how they are making your space look cool. Understanding business these days in commercial design means linking each and every design aspect to maximizing sales and user experience driven by data and experience (more on this later on this page).

Now there are many flaws into this line of thinking because cool does not equal profitable. To make something cool and profitable – it takes more than an artist. The weird part (which I consider even being very rude) is that they will apply some weird logic into why and how this cool thing will make you money. The reality is that they never achieved any business success (maybe in their dreams).

Did I mention that in addition most of them are even arrogant people?! Who wants to work with a bunch of losers? Not me and you my friend!

I am sure you are the same like me – we business people prefer reality and our goal is to minimize risk into anything we put our money into and maximize the return on our investment. We plan from the very beginning on how to take the financial benefits of the project straight to the bank and how it will pay us into profits day after day for years to come. That’s our definition of commercial.

The Harder I Work The Luckier I Get

This is so true for me. Because I made so many mistakes and paid a really high price before I finally succeeded. Now, I am going to be honest with you that I didn’t figured all this out by me being smart or anything. Honestly, I did nothing by myself and the good news is that you don’t have to neither when you are working with the right people.

Cheap Is Not Good And Good Is Not Cheap

I don’t know about you but when I look for the right people to work with I look for the best because I know it will give me the highest return on my investment of money and time and it will minimize any surprises, delays and rework which somehow always happens when you decide to go cheap and work with a loser.

And Now The Good News

First, I want to make sure I give credit to the few special people that made all this happen for me.

The first one is my close friend, the late Gianni Versace, who I consider one of the greatest designers of all times. Gianni by pure accident introduced me to the two special and incredible people, Eli and Emil, brilliant interior designers and business master minds who will later change my life forever. Personally I consider them as the greatest commercial designers of our time.

Converting Spaces Into Profits

Not only that they thought me what is good design but they introduced me to the art of commercial design and connecting design with maximizing profits. The reality is that it takes both art and science to make this happen in addition to many projects and a lot of mistakes, experimenting, testing, know-how and tracking data before and after projects… not just designing cool stuff that Eli and Emil are the best to do it anyway.

As a matter of fact, this entire site is inspired by them and even the tagline “Converting spaces into profits” actually is inspired by them because that’s their psychology and mentality in their work – that’s what they do best.

This mindset is responsible for creating millions in additional sales made by design by Eli and Emil. Now that is what I call commercial project. Is it cool? Absolutely Yes! Is it profitable? You bet it is! This is what you want in your commercial project. You want to work with something that has already been proven and tested for you. And to do that I can’t think anyone who can do a better job at this and make it happen for you.

Who Is The Young Lady That Every Seasoned Commercial Designer Listens To?!

Back in the 1990s Gianni introduced me to Eli. I attended a closed-to-the-public conference on commercial interior design in Toronto thanks to Gianni. Eli was a young bright lady at the time and I couldn’t ignore the fact that everyone there at the conference was listening to her. I’m talking about high level industry masterminds not average architect or designer.

She is money. Gianni told me. If average designer looks at something from multiple angles she looks at hundreds of different angles and opportunities. But that’s not all! The real magic starts when Eli links the design with the money it will make for the client.

Over the years she has built a database of actual projects and actual sales growth before and after she made her project for her clients. Needless to say, after thousands of projects, today the database is a real gold mine. Eli is the brain behind the actual design plus the actual sales made from her design. She told me that every high-level craftsman develops her own best practices and keeps learning day by day as she adds another project under her belt.

The real key and power of the knowledge and experience she built over the years is in the ability to connect commercial architecture with financial success. Isn’t that what everyone should do? I mean sounds simple but nobody will do it for you. The world’s greatest brands consult with Eli before even thinking to start a large-scale project even if Eli is not interested to work on the project.

Emil: Eli’s Secret Weapon On Creating Design That Sells Your Products And Services Like Candies, And Makes Customers, Clients And Guests Keep Coming Back Again And Again

When I thought I had seen it all – I met Emil for the first time. That was the day that I really learned a lot from Emil. I was at the Miami International Airport to pick up both Eli and Emil. We were doing huge trade show in Miami. Emil had just finished designing a show and was flying from Las Vegas and Eli was flying from Tokyo working on a large retail project there.

We went to have dinner and talked about my next project. I was used to Eli at this time, but never had talked to Emil before. When Emil showed me his concept of my project that he put it together on a napkin during his flight – I was speechless! A simple layout solved all my problems – I was thinking about the hours we had spent brainstorming ideas with my coworkers and couldn’t find a cost-effective solution!?

Emil nailed it down everything with a simple yet powerful strategy which saved me a ton of money and made me even more. I visited this same client few months ago and the same design and layout was still there years later still making money day and night for him.

Now that’s the design you want. Cool is not enough – every fool can get creative but only a real master can make cool plus profitable for your business! Emil is the guy who can literally convert dust into gold. He has saved so many businesses by taking boring and totally unattractive spaces and converted them into money making spaces – now that’s the power of a real craftsman.

Simplified Overview Of Eli & Emil’s Standard Procedure In Developing Successful Commercial Projects

There are hundreds of steps and variables that go behind the scene however I outlined these major phases for you used by Eli and Emil so you can use them as a checkpoint throughout your project to make sure you are always in control.

This is in a nutshell what you would get when you work with Eli and Emil:
#1. Listening to your business case, understanding the situation. Your challenges, obstacles, competitors… and absolutely everything that can affect your sales
  • The legendary time-proven 31-step questionnaire approach designed by Eli and Emil whose foundation is in their daily DNA allows them to understand your unique scenario and needs and really help you in the most efficient and effective way
#2. Comprehensive Business Case Analysis
  • Space analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Product / service analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Developing positioning strategy
#3. Developing Quick Napkin Plan Layout Of Your Space
  • This is where all visions and concepts will suddenly magically start to form into reality
  • Brainstorming ideas and solutions for your business case
  • Getting your feedback and working with you to nail down the winning approach that will bring maximum sales
#4. Visualizing The New Reality With The Most Effective State-Of-The-Art 3D Visuals
  • The 3D visuals will walk you through your new space just like it was already built so you don’t just imagine but you are able to see exactly how it looks and feels
  • This will help you avoid any misunderstandings or confusions you would face when working with typical architects – we don’t like surprises
  • Fast and high quality renderings, real feeling, with applied knowledge for technical details. Eli and Emil can work on 3D visuals based on your sketches, drawings or even just on your brief
#5. The Mastermind Concept Idea
  • Based on your brief or the brief from your client they can make complete presentation of the new concept with different design approaches and present it with 3d visuals, drawings and make any idea explanations
  • Here you actually save time and get the winning concept for your business or for your client. Ton of ideas blend together into the mastermind concept.
#6. Laser-Focused Technical Drawings
  • Based on your concept idea or 3D visualization now they are ready to produce technical drawings for every kind of project – retail interior or exhibition design or whatever your project is…
  • Another important benefit here is that Eli and Emil have experience in wood, steel, plastic, textiles and all other materials and are ready to prepare technical drawings and details for any design
  • This is the point where you save a ton of money and time. You have ready-to-use project you can simply pass to any manufacturer or craftsman. The technical drawings are perfectly prepared for you, so even if you use multiple vendors and manufacturers, everything will magically fit together into your master design.
#7. 100% Custom Hand-Made Design: State Of The Art Production
  • They have their own production facilities based in Europe and are able to produce a complete interior project or exhibition design based on your project. This includes any custom design requirement like wall coverings, furniture, fixtures, signs, models… and any other element of any required material.
  • Everything is made with high quality and real craftsmanship – controlled by high-level architects with precise eye for details and aesthetics
  • Your huge benefit here is that there is absolutely no rework or missed deadlines because they take care and control everything themselves so there are no surprises. You also save time, you get high quality custom design products exactly as stated in your project, on time as agreed and with smooth and easy communication.
  • If you prefer, you don’t have to loose time to communicate, manage and control numerous vendors, but they can coordinate everything for you.
#8. Set Up And Installation
  • Eli and Emil can literally execute any kind of set-up successfully on time in different locations, timing, deadlines, limitations, regulations and conditions.
  • They have experience implementing thousands of projects especially the most demanding ones like set-up of shows and exhibition booths where there is strict time for set-up and you have to be always ready for unpredictable situations on site and ready to find a solution that will be even better than the planned one.
  • With them you will be always sure that the job will be executed on time with high precision and great coordination.
#9. Experienced Team Able To Work With Inexperienced Business Owners, Architects As Well As Industry Veterans
  • Eli and Emil are behind the work of many architects worldwide.
  • They are responsible for the success of thousands of commercial projects and whatever your business case is trust me they’ve done it many times before.
#10. There Is A Smart Solution For Each And Every Budget
  • They have converted so many dull and boring retail spaces into actual success.
#11. Fully customized design for your specific needs
  • No short cut, no improvisation
  • Everything is built for you with passion, love and proud craftsmanship
  • This is the marriage of European top design and German engineering with attention to performance and details you don’t even know they exist in your design, but you know everything works flawless for you
#12. Advice Given To You Based On Best Practices That Work And Not Personal Opinions
  • Experience working hard on commercial design projects with the greatest minds in the industry
#13. Total Solution Delivered From Start To Finish
  • The entire process from design to manufacturing goes through a rigorous quality control and inspection process at each stage personally approved by Eli and Emil
  • Everything is done in-house based on the industry’s best practices and up to date trends and technical requirements from evaluation, concept, budget, visuals, planning, design, fabrication, installation and ongoing maintenance
#14. Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Many projects require ongoing or periodic seasonal updates, changes, modifications and customization where little changes can make huge difference to keep up the sales momentum
  • Ongoing seasonal trade shows and annual events as well require consistent branding and consistent quality of work

At this point, you might wonder (and I don’t blame you):

Why Would Top Designers And Architects Like Eli And Emil Who Turn Down 4 Out Of 5 Offers While Business Owners Are Ready To Beg And Pay An Arm And A Leg, Help Me?

You nailed it down my friend! Because this is exactly where I found the key to my success. The greatest asset that these 3 wonderful people gave me is not the money I made but I started making the money after I started thinking like them – to make everything with love and passion and success is inevitable for them, for me and for you.

When I started helping others I started receiving more and more day by day. Today, when I’m thinking back about all my struggle – I ask myself who knew it was that simple?

So there you have it – it can’t get any better than this:

  • If you are a business owner or executive who is planning a commercial architecture or interior design project for your retail store, restaurant, hotel, showroom or whatever… these are the best people that can help you out
  • If you are an independent architect or interior design firm this is an incredible opportunity for you to learn a lot and get answers to specific questions that are bothering you in your everyday business. I receive emails every day from architects and designers from all over the world asking me where they can find high-quality craftsmen or where they can order custom design elements… so here is your chance to get straight answers by the best and help you in your business

In either case the benefits for you are huge and it’s free so go ahead right now and fill out the form before it’s late because as you guess this won’t last forever and each of these calls takes time and doing it for free… Eli and Emil didn’t set any limit at this point but there is only so much they can do to help. Reserve your place right now.

Eli and Emil are based in Germany but more than 50% of the time they spend working across the US, Europe and other countries so depending on where you are and where they are they’ll get back to you and schedule a phone call or Skype call or whatever works for you guys.

Don’t wait, act right now! Click the button, fill out the form and you are all set. Eli and Emil will get in touch with you directly.

To your success!


P.S. I plan to keep the form by Friday and put it down after that so make sure you reserve your spot right now! The time is limited and there is so much we can expect from Eli and Emil to help us for free.